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Structured Cabling Infrastructure

Network Cabling

Cable Installation and Design for Data, Voice, TV & Audio

By using Cat5e/6, Fiber, Coax or any other required low voltage cable. We offer a complete turn key solution by installing the appropriate connectors, racks, patch panels and cable support systems needed for your business environment.

How can RCI help your business?

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Your Network Backbone

Does your business need a new sound or computer system? Are you remodeling or building a new structure? Do you need to add an employee work station? Whether you have a new or established business, cabling needs change as a business grows.

Because RCI provides solutions to every technology need, choosing us for your infrastructure can save you time and hassle when you have to make changes to other systems such as surveillance, computer servers, and data networks. When you have the same company install your infrastructure that maintains your other systems, you know that that company is invested in the success of its functioning.

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