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Why Choose ESI for your cloud communication needs?

A cloud solution has all of the advantages of an IP phone system with one additional one. A hosted or cloud solution requires less equipment for the business using it. Hosted systems are IP phone systems housed outside of the business that use the internet and SIP trunks to make phone calls and connect to the phone system in a secure facility.

A hosted solution is an excellent choice for a new business or business trying to spend less money up front. Instead of installing a phone system, RCI will simply supply and program your ESI phones and connect them to the internet. You will pay a monthly fee for the system and service but will be able to drop your monthly telephone bill.

ESI Cloud Services offers a complete end-to-end approach, allowing you to focus on your business while we focus on your communications. With capabilities that are simple to use and easily deployed, ESI Cloud Services takes the hassle out of managing your VoIP business phone system.

ESI Cloud PBX blends the features of the ESI desk phone with our Web-based1 application to give you real-time visibility into your business communications. The ESI solution includes integrated features such as one-touch call recordings, personalized call routing, multi-device management, visual voice mail, audio conferencing, and unlimited North American local and long-distance calling plans. ESI is the only provider that provides a fully integrated Web-based dashboard that works seamlessly with your phone, providing an unmatched customer experience

ESI has always been, and continues to be, focused on providing solutions that are simple to manage, intuitive to use, and fully integrated — making the most of every feature. With our long history of designing and deploying communications solutions, we know what growing businesses expect from their communications systems.

Key Features

Visual Voice Mail

Easily view your voice mail messages on the user dashboard and make decisions on how best to respond to each caller.

Contacts Management

View and manage your contacts. Easily import contacts from Google™ Contacts, Microsoft®Outlook®, and Apple® vCard.

Personal Conference Bridge

On-demand Conference Bridge includes a dedicated number and customized greeting. Create, view, mute, and remove conference participants. Bridge includes two hours of conferencing for up to 15 participants.

Contacts Presence

View your co-workers’ availability in the company Contacts list. Color-coded icons make it clear whether each person is available to take your call, in do-not-disturb mode, or offline..

Automated Help

A legendary ESI feature our users can’t live without, one-touch help offers an easy way to access an automated help menu so you can quickly get assistance.

Customizable Phone Feature Codes

Quickly program and personalize your ESI phone from the user dashboard. Your phone will provide intuitive display messages that prompt you for entries and guide you along the way. There’s no need to deal with complicated “star codes.”

Support for Multiple Phones

Use more than one phone in your building as tasks require, with the peace of mind of knowing your important calls will reach you, regardless of your location in your workplace. Manage up to three devices per extension

Mobility Using ESI Ditto

Connect your mobile device to your office phone with our mobile application, ESI Ditto,™ available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Never miss another call anywhere, any time. Calls utilize Wi-Fi and mobile data instead of exhausting your cellular minutes.


Another of ESI’s one-touch simple features, click any number in the user dashboard to be connected instantly, or use the dashboard to dial manually.

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