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IP Telephone Systems

IP Server 900 is a high-performance IP phone system that unites the communication and productivity needs of end users in small-to-medium organizations with one or more sites. The IP Server 900’s expandable design integrates built-in capabilities, advanced features, and highly differentiated applications into a product that’s as easy-to-use and -manage as it is flexible.

Customers with growing communications needs will be pleased by how the IP Server 900’s capacity expands smoothly and easily to a system maximum of 1,104 communications ports, including up to 260 telephones and up to 99 Esi-Link channels. Expanding the capacity of an IP Server 900 Control Unit is done chiefly through the easy, snap-in installation of compact, low-profile Resource Modules — the use of which also enables the IP Server 900 unit (Master Control Unit) to fit into a “1U” opening on a standard equipment rack.

The Benefits of VoIP

Voice over internet protocol (or VOIP) phones use the internet to transmit phone calls. The technology works by sending voice packets over internet cable. These phones are also sometimes called IP phones or SIP phones.

For many business owners, VOIP is attractive because it allows them to eliminate a monthly phone bill. The important thing is to make sure you have a great internet connection. RCI can help to make sure your office is VOIP ready when you make the decision to go VOIP.

VOIP is also convenient for people who do a lot of travelling or working from home. These workers can simply plug in their phones wherever there's an available internet connection and it will plug right back in to the home office.

Finally, one advantage of an ESI IP telephone system is it allows certain features unavailable through a digital system such as a mobility application that allows user cell phones to act as an extension without giving out a user's cell number.

Key Features

  • The IP Server 900 combines the power of a PBX with the ease of use for which every ESI system is renowned. Its feature set, capacities and scalability ensure:
  • Expansion ability to meet shifting demands of business growth.

Audio Conferencing

It’s simple to set up an audio conference call with the system’s optional “meet-me” conferencing feature. Each person who calls a pre-established number at the specified time is automatically added to the conference. On-demand conferencing can reduce the need for third-party services, saving you money.

Intelligent Caller Identification

See at-a-glance who is calling you (or on call waiting). ESI’s patented technology even stores Caller ID information with each voice message. Use the Esi-Dex speed-dial feature for one-touch storage of caller information to use for future calls. Set a Caller ID key and you can view Caller ID information from any of your 25 most recently received calls, and return each call with one touch.

Shared-Office Tenanting

The optional shared-office tenanting features lets multiple organizations in a shared-office environment use the same IP Server 900 system while “appearing” to be separate and distinct entities.

Auto- Attendant

ESI offers a six-level, 100-branch automated attendant, enabling auto-answering that routes callers to desired destinations, whether internal or external. If you prefer to handle your calls personally, the auto attendant can act as overflow to ensure all of your calls are answered.

Unique Message Handling

ESI’s patented voice message features make it simple to store information and share it with your team. Easily create a Quick Group (voice mail distribution group) on-the-fly. Just press the Record key on your ESI phone to record any call — even conference calls and personal reminders.

Call Routing

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) manages calls coming into many different departments; ensuring callers are routed to the right person the first time. Easily program call handling and distribution and monitor how efficiently your inbound calls are being managed. Routing calls to the right department reduces call transfers and increases customer satisfaction

Customizable Phone Feature Codes

Quickly program and personalize your ESI phone from the user dashboard. Your phone will provide intuitive display messages that prompt you for entries and guide you along the way. There’s no need to deal with complicated “star codes.”


The IP Server 900 includes a fax-over-email feature to simplify faxing documents. It automatically converts incoming faxes to PDFs and e-mails them to a pre-defined address for viewing, printing, archiving, or forwarding as needed.

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