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Network Solutions

Network Media

Network Solutions for Any Size Enterprise.

At RCI, we listen to our customer requirements and design solutions that meet their specific needs. Depending on the size and materials of your building you may need servers, fiber-optics, cable, managed or unmanaged wireless access points or a combination of all of the above. RCI is prepared to follow your network plan or create one for you.

How can RCI help your business?

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 Cabling Network

Structured Cabling Infrastructure

RCI installs cables, phones, sound systems, data and internet, CCTV, fiber-optics, television and any other type of low voltage wire your business needs. This includes Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and fiber-optics. If you need help deciding what cable is right for you, RCI can advise you.

Save Money

Wired and Wireless Network Solutions

A well designed wired and wireless network is the backbone of any end-user computing initiative and a connected campus. The expanding reach of mobile devices, trends like BYOD and the explosion of exciting apps for education and business make a strong network infrastructure an essential piece of any technology deployment.


Network Equipment

RCI has the experience to install your computers, servers and data networks. When it comes to setting up your own computer network things can get complicated fast. Let RCI do the work for you.

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