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Digital Business Phone Systems

Digital Phone Systems operate on technology that has been around the longest of the system varieties. Calls travel over phone lines. As a result they are by far the most stable. Sometimes a digital phone system is referred to as a PBX or private branch exchange.

How often does your internet slow down or stop? What happens to your internet when you lose electricity?

Digital phone systems don't have to contend with the ups and downs of internet connections and if you purchase a back-up battery (for about the cost of a single phone) you don't even have to worry about the loss of electricity. When your lights are out, your phones stay up.

Because phone lines are designed for phone calls, you will also get the best sound on a digital PBX.

No echoes. No pops. No clicks. No hollowness. No cutting out. No problem.

Ever been on the other end of a phone call where you could barely hear the other person? You can bet it wasn't a digital phone.

The other benefit to a digital phone system is that if you already have a phone system in place, your building will not require any re-cabling to install one. This can save a lot of money.

Key Features

Visual Voice Mail

Easily view your voice mail messages on the user dashboard and make decisions on how best to respond to each caller.

Integrated Voice Mail

A full complement of practical, easy-to-use mail features is standard on every ESI Communications Server


Locating and calling hundreds of frequently dialed phone numbers is easy when using ESI’s Esi-Dex speed-dialing feature. Up to four separate lists (“Dexes”) are available

Auto Attendant

An ESI Communications Server provides rich, comprehensive auto attendant features

Shared-Office Tenanting

Businesses can share a common telephone system while maintaining a true separation of various system resources, facilities, and features

Contacts Presence

View your co-workers’ availability in the company Contacts list. Color-coded icons make it clear whether each person is available to take your call, in do-not-disturb mode, or offline..

Flexible conference channels

Each ESI Communications Server reserves channels for conferencing. These can be dynamically connected in multi-party conversations up to 16 channels per conference

Automated Help

A legendary ESI feature our users can’t live without, one-touch help offers an easy way to access an automated help menu so you can quickly get assistance.

Support for Multiple Phones

Use more than one phone in your building as tasks require, with the peace of mind of knowing your important calls will reach you, regardless of your location in your workplace. Manage up to three devices per extension

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