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AV and Paging Systems

Sound System

Let everyone in the building hear you with a paging system!

RCI provides all of the necessary elements for a quality audio-visual system. From televisions in waiting rooms to complete building-wide sound systems with or without paging over speakers, RCI will get you what you need for your business' success.

How can RCI help your business?

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 Sounds System

Sound Systems

Alert your staff and guests faster. Improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction has never been easier with the help of overhead paging systems.

Save Money

Audio Visual Systems

Atmosphere can have a lot to do with the success of a business - or the lack thereof. One major contributor to a building's atmosphere is an audio-visual system.


Paging Equipment

Ceiling mounted speakers, amplifiers, microphones are just a few paging equipment options we offer. RCI can also come up with a custom paging solution if your device isn't listed.

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