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Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Camera

Keep your business safe with security cameras!

In today's business world, security is becoming increasingly important. Many businesses are purchasing surveillance systems to reduce or prevent theft both internally and externally. At RCI we have the expertise to suit your security needs. All our technicians we dispatch are DCJS certified.

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Analog, IP or Cloud Cameras

When it comes to cameras there are Three main varieties: Analog, IP or Cloud. Analog cameras generally do not have as high resolution as IP and they tend to be less expensive.

Analog cameras offer a relatively affordable and easy to install solution for your security and surveillance needs. We offer a multitude of different options for many different applications: choose from indoor or outdoor; dome, wedge or hidden cameras; and day or day/night capabilities. We also feature several durable, vandal resistant models that ensure your footage and cameras remain intact, even when criminals have other ideas.

IP (internet protocol) Cameras are the cream of the crop in the surveillance system world. They offer the best quality images possible, with the highest resolution available and the greatest depth of field. Available in bullet, wedge, dome, box, and PTZ (point/tilt/zoom) models, there is sure to be a camera that fits your specific needs, whether indoor, outdoor, day or night. The unmatched image quality does come at a price, however, and not just a financial one. IP cameras are more complex to install and operate, requiring new cabling and knowledge of bandwidth management, among other things.

Cloud storage provides convenience and an extra level of security by allowing off-site backup of your data. In the event of catastrophes like fires or theft, your data will still be accessible from anywhere with cloud storage. This is one of the best ways of storing or backing up your sensitive and important data as the storage is offsite, stored on hard drives that are redundant, supported by companies with a lot of resources like redundant power and fire extinguishing systems, and your data is accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

Camera Features and Options

Surveillance cameras can be outdoor or indoor and can come with many options such as audio, pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, remote access, on board recording, wide dynamic range, motion detection and more. Cameras come in several shapes and sizes as well. The most popular shape for cameras is the dome camera. Bullet cameras are also a popular shape and are ideal for environments where the cameras need to be mounted at an angle away from a building or cameras are meant to appear more conspicuous. In some situations, you may prefer a hidden camera.

DVR, IVR and Other Equipment

DVR and IVR are used for storing camera footage for specified periods of time. The amount of storage needed depends on the preferences of the client. The most common storage capacity is 30 days. Depending on whether you only record with motion, and how much motion a particular area has in a day, this can take as little as a Terabyte of storage. The difference between DVR and IVR is just the type of cameras being used. Analog cameras use DVR. IP cameras use IVR.

Mounting Equipment and Casing

Many cameras require specific mounting equipment depending on the locations being monitored. Some areas may also require weather or theft resistant casing.


Many clients like to monitor certain areas in real time. For these clients, we can provide a monitor. The monitor attaches to the DVR/IVR and allows the client to view some or all camera monitored areas depending on the client's preference.

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