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If you are like many business owners, you may not know what IT really means.

The short answer is IT covers everything from simple computer questions to complete network and server designs.

When it comes to setting up your own computer network things can get complicated fast. With RCI, you don’t have to worry about it. We make sure you have the right switches, routers and other necessary equipment for impeccable network quality.

We can handle everything from standard switches to customized servers and can install the whole cabling network from “jack to rack”.

Our clients use us because we are always available to advise on everyday troubleshooting issues. We also work with several large clients who have major networking and IT projects that require unique and complex solutions.

We are available to help with a specific project or as a monthly service and offer managed IT options as well.

“We have been customers for 12 years. All of their sales and service staff are very professional. They have always taken care of our needs. They worked within our budget to get the system we wanted and helped us customize it to better fit our business.”

- Patty Iraggi, Rocky Mount Tractor

Structured Cabling Infrastructure

Your Network's Backbone

RCI has been providing quality cabling for almost 40 years. Quality cabling is all about planning and good workmanship. From jack to rack, a good wire run is neat, functional and efficient.

But we don’t stop there. RCI can provide all your cable infrastructure needs. From installing a jack to a fiberoptic network, or building a custom server no job is too large or too small. Does your business need a new sound or computer system? Are you remodeling or building a new structure? Do you need to add an employee work station? Whether you have a new or established business, network needs change as a business grows.

RCI cables phones, sound systems, data and internet , CCTV, fiberoptics, television and any other type of low voltage wire your business needs. This include Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and fiberoptics. If you need help deciding what cable is right for you, RCI can advise you.

We've seen some bad cabling. Often RCI is brought in to clean up somebody else's shoddy job. While we're happy to help you, we'd rather give you a good cabling job from the start.

RCI is also available to custom design a server for a specific need such as accounting, email or everyday document sharing. Whatever you network needs, RCI can meet them.

Because RCI provides solutions to every technology need, choosing us for your infrastructure can save you time and hassle when you have to make changes to other systems such as surveillance, computer servers, and data networks. When you have the same company install your infrastructure that maintains your other systems, you know that company is invested in the success of it's functioning.

Wireless Networking

Sometimes, cabling is not an option. Or, if it is an option, it’s an expensive or time consuming option.

Many older buildings - churches, offices converted from old homes, etc., just weren’t built to be cabled. The walls are solid. There’s no space in the ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

Regardless of the reason for your problem with cabling, we have a solution - wireless technology.


Wireless Access Points are a familiar tool in many homes. For business the technology get a little more complicated but is the same concept. Your wireless network needs to be strong enough to handle all or your employees’ regular workloads on their computers, phones and tablets.

If you also allow customers to use your wireless, this must be factored in as well. Many offices like to have a separate wireless network for customers rather than sharing the employee network.

Point to Point

Point to point wireless bridges are an excellent solution for networking two separate buildings together. The bridge enables user to share an Internet connection across locations and to share data between the locations. It is much more economical solution than the traditional route of cabling businesses to together.


RCI provides wireless portable telephones with excellent range. For small offices a consumer grade portable phone is typically adequate, but for warehouses, factories, schools and other large facilities, you need someone who specializes in wireless technology. RCI carries a full product line of analog and IP wireless telephones and even have extra durable varieties resistant to breaking if dropped.

Network Management

Once you have a quality network in place, you never have to look at it again, right?

Of course not. IT needs come up all the time and while there always that computer you just have to turn on and off again, sometimes you need more professional help.

For your IT troubleshooting needs, RCI also offers managed IT as a service. For a nominal monthly fee, RCI will take care of all of your company’s computer network needs. Don’t know why your computer is doing what it’s doing? Is your network (or yourself) having a meltdown? Need advice on what software or hardware to buy?

Whether it’s a simple question we can answer over the phone, or a major repair or programming issue that requires onsite manpower, our IT service contract will cover you. Our rates are very competitive and give our clients the piece of mind to know that no matter the problem, they don’t have to solve it on their own.

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